The Tao of Tsau – Centering

Posted in The Tao of Tsau by Pam on the June 1st, 2012

I would like to take a step back and talk a bit about centering oneself to tackle the stresses of managing anything, but projects in particular.

The search for centering in project management begins with the search for self.  The process is circular.

  • Start with understanding: locate yourself within the situation.
  • Move to inform the team: convey that understanding.
  • Identify the skills needed: find the skills in the team.
  • Enable the team to produce a solution: get results.

With apologies to Lao Tzu for borrowing the format of the Tao, please consider the following verse.  I consider it a key to the centering of self within a situation. The project manager must always remember that results are achieved by people — and that everyone looks at the situation in a bit different fashion.

  • I can tell you all I know … and tell you nothing.
  • I can point to the light at the end of the tunnel  … and you will still see the onrushing train.
  • I can demonstrate that ambiguity is not chaos  … and you will still be lost.
  • I can show you the secret to my serenity  … and you will still be agitated.
  • Center yourself to find that  … the knowledge you need is within you.
  •   … perception is reality.
  •   … there is a path through the chaos of ambiguity.
  •   … serenity is within you.

Remember Tao means “how”

  • My “how” is not your “how”.
  • My desires are not your desires.
  • My reality is not your reality.
  • My center is not your center.